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I just got back from my London vacation and I never thought I would recommend any type of bus tour, but I have to recommend taking a minibus hire with driver of London. I was able to rent a minibus and a driver to see the city and I was able to see more than I would have been trying to get around the city by myself.

In the morning, like the say, the London air was foggy. However, as the day grew later, the fog dissipated. Thankfully, the fog did not interfere with my view of London's famous clock tower. I hear that they are no renaming the clock tower the Elizabeth Tower in honor of the queen. In a quick aside here, the tower has never been named Big Ben. It is the bell that is inside of the clock tower that is named Big Ben. This means that the name of the bell is not being changed.

Anyway, the driver was very knowledgeable, too. He would tell me about the different buildings and sites in London. I don't remember the name, but we drove to one of the cathedrals. Since I wasn't planning on going in and worshipping, I didn't feel comfortable going in to see it since it was during a worship time.

There were some interesting buildings, too. Some looked like spirals or like glass footballs. By footballs, I do mean American footballs and not soccer balls. Even though my driver was knowledgeable, I questioned his saying that Benedict Tower was the largest building in London. I've not looked up that information, though.

I think the most exciting part for me was that we got to see the statue that actually said “London Bridge.” I know it's silly, but I grew up signing that children's song, so to see the marker for it was exciting. I was extremely excited when we got to cross the London Bridge over the Thames river.

My driver was telling me about the boats and the battles in which they were used. However, I was too thrilled with being on the London Bridge and the gorgeous city of London itself to pay much attention to his words.

When we got back to my hotel, I was actually disappointed that the tour was done. I would've loved to see more of London. I think that if I ever visit London again, I will hire a driver and a minibus to go on tour and perhaps ask if there is a different route.